Co-Managed IT Services

Co-managed IT with Total Networx gives IT administrators the opportunity for a more targeted managed IT service solution. From help desk to your IT infrastructure, you get our certified technicians working alongside the IT specialists on your staff.

Your Co-Managed IT Services Partner

Total Networx helps your company with the support, monitoring, and consulting that you need to succeed. We understand that business-critical systems like email are essential to your success and we take care of the details for you. Our Co-Managed IT Services solutions are targeted; We act as part of your team, allowing you to concentrate on your business, not on IT problems.

What is Co-Managed IT?

The concept of co-managed IT is to provide your business and your IT administrators a customized managed IT service model. You get convenience and up-to-date resources from an external IT management company supporting the IT specialists on your staff. You choose the resources you need and when you need them. IT co-management is an opportunity for organizations that don’t want or can’t invest in a full-time staff of techies to expand their technical capabilities.

Advantages of Co-Managed IT

Co-management is the ideal option for businesses that want to maintain control over their technology while still relying on an external team of experts when needed.

There are many benefits of co-management, including:

  1. Control Over Operations
  2. Less Management Responsibility
  3. Keeping up with IT Trends
  4. 24/7 Support
  5. Professional Implementation
  6. Save on Hiring Costs (and other HR-related costs)
  7. Increased Productivity
  8. Increased Employee Morale

Co-management gives you more freedom to manage tasks yourself and allows your IT department to focus its resources where they provide the greatest value.

When you establish a co-management approach, your IT department will:

  • Analyze their need for outside services and tools needed to achieve company IT objectives.
  • Use the co-managed IT partner to provide the expertise needed to fill the gaps missing from within their internal levels of expertise.
  • Prioritize their day-to-day activities based on the capabilities of their own staff, knowing the co-managed provider is taking care of the rest.

How Does Co-Managed IT Work?

Get only the services you need.

The co-management model is an excellent option for businesses that need additional IT support but cannot afford or do not have the time to manage all aspects of their own infrastructure. This allows them to leverage an outside company’s resources, receiving quality service from those professionals when needed!

What is Included In a Co-Managed IT Services Package?

These are a few additional reasons you should consider co-managed IT Services with Total Networx:

Help Desk

End-user help desk, providing incident management, troubleshooting, vendor best practices, and remote support and administration of workstations and servers.

On-site support

On-site technology support services provide a full spectrum of IT services for businesses ranging from troubleshooting and installation to network administration and maintenance.


For one monthly fee, you have an entire team of IT professionals working for you around the clock – monitoring all critical functions of your business technology.


Your data is one of your most valuable company assets. We help you maximize the storage, access, and integrity of your data, whether on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid combination.

SaaS Hosting

Whether you need to host your servers and applications in Microsoft Azure or Total Networx’s Data Centers, TNI can assist with the integration and make sure your infrastructure is optimized to work efficiently between the cloud and your internal network. 


Fast and reliable disk-based backup of operating systems, applications, configuration settings, and data with fast recovery time in the event of data loss or data or network failure.

Microsoft 365

Email is critical to your success and remains the most frequently used means of communication with clients and your team. We keep your hosted email working flawlessly so you can work smarter and more efficiently.


Threats to your data are everywhere and changing daily. We help prevent unauthorized access and malicious damage to your important data.


Total Networx puts cybersecurity technology and solutions first in all of our co-managed it services solutions. You can count on us to protect your company from intrusions, ransomware, and any type of hacker that exists today and in the future.

IT Advisory

Total Networx delivers top-level customer concierge services, technology planning, and advocacy, allowing you to focus on your business while we ensure that your technology is working for you.

LAN Security

The Total Networx suite of IT managed services is designed to ensure that your company remains secure and productive. This includes monitoring, patching and reporting security vulnerabilities, 24-hour technical support, and automatic backups.


All-inclusive hardware and software solutions as a managed service simplify the purchasing process by moving it to one vendor. We do the research and advocate for your business needs and your budget.

When Do you Need Co-Managed IT Services?

When your IT staff is too small or overworked – IT departments have a tough job. They’re constantly on their toes, fighting fires and trying to keep up with demand from new projects while also managing the ever-increasing workloads that come along every day. A co-managed IT provider can add additional technical resources to keep your company running smoothly.

When you have an upcoming IT project – Perhaps your company is going through a period of change. You may have new leadership, or you’re looking to grow by adding more employees or changing your business’s IT components. Often, these changes require additional labor or expertise that your current staff cannot support. A co-managed IT provider is ideal for fulfilling those needs.

When you have a knowledge Gap- In a world where even the most gifted and experienced IT department may find themselves short on skills or knowledge, an outside party with specialty experience can fill your technology gaps. This results in your team accomplishing more in less time.

What Our Clients Say

We take pride in serving our customers with the best IT experience.

“Total Networx has been a valuable partner for us, they rolled out new firewalls to all our sites with no issues.  Our internal staff does not have the knowledge to perform this upgrade so it was great to leverage Total Networx’s expertise”

Jay W., IT Manager, Sports-based Retail Chain

“Total Networx does a stellar job for us. Their staff is certified and professional. We are a small office with me as the part-time onsite IT department. It is always great to have my Total Networx IT Infrastructure team for the servers, switching, and the most difficult IT stuff like virtualization. I can take a vacation once in a while since they have my back.”

Adam T., IT Administrator, Energy System Distributor

We’re your professional IT secret sauce.

From backup to monitoring, your Total Networx team will be in constant step with you – helping your IT systems run effectively, productively, and without interruption.

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