Disaster Recovery DRaaS

DrWorx™ Managed Disaster Recovery Services

Get your business back up and running quickly when disaster strikes with encrypted on and off-site back-ups.

Can your business survive without its data?

In today’s world, information is more critical than ever, not only to individuals but to the entire organization. The National Archives & Records Administration reports that 93% of companies that lose access to their data for 10 days or more will file for bankruptcy.

Always on. Always Protected.

The only thing standing between your business and a permanent loss of critical data is a proper DRaaS solution. Without it, your business could be vulnerable to network failure, software failure, accident, theft, natural disaster, or cyber-attack. With DRaaS, your company will have peace of mind knowing that all files are intact and can be restored at a moment’s notice.

Why Use DRaaS?

Peace of Mind through Managed IT.

In order to guarantee complete business continuity, client data and other information vital to core business functions require protection from:

• System Failures
• Human Error
• Attacks from malware and viruses
• 3rd party software malfunctions
• Natural Disasters
• Theft

What is Included In a DRWorx™ DRaaS Services Package?

Our IT engineers work closely with your stakeholders to devise a data recovery plan that protects your data, supports your business objectives, and is within your budget. Our DRWorx™ solution starts with an on-premise network appliance that performs scheduled back-ups of your data encrypting and mirroring that data in multiple secure remote locations.


Fast and reliable disk-based backup makes taking data off-site easier. When a drive is placed into the appliance, it is automatically mirrored to the master file. This includes the operating systems, applications, configuration settings, and data.


The DRWorx™ solution places extra emphasis on recovery time. From individual file restoration to worst-case scenarios like bare-metal full recovery and restoration to dissimilar hardware.

Virtual Boot

Virtually booting a backup of any server or workstation limits recovery to the time it takes to boot up a machine. This allows rapid recovery and limited downtime while waiting for replacement parts or on-site service.

Network Security

Full AES 256 bit encryption, in-flight and at-rest. All data is secured by the highest level of protection available throughout the entire process.

Virtual Lab

Before new applications or configurations are added to the environment, virtual labs can be used to work out bugs and errors in an off-line, self-contained environment.

File and Folder Recovery

Quickly locate specific files and folders that have been corrupted or lost.

How does DRaaS work?

Our Disaster Recovery solution called “DRWorx™” is the optimal solution for recovering all of your data. Our DRWorx platform allows the complete retrieval of all data, even if your hardware is damaged beyond repair.

Because our system monitors, verifies, and re-verifies all back-ups, we can restore quickly and easily rather than taking days or even weeks to get things up and running again. To achieve this, we install our DrWorx DRaaS appliance at your location which automatically backs up your entire IT infrastructure once or even multiple times a day. This information is then consolidated, encrypted, and sent to our secure off-site location. Multiple copies ensure that we are able to restore all information to the point of the last backup within hours of even a complete system failure.

Why we use Axcient x360Recover

Axcient x360Recover backup software provides a fast and extremely reliable way to recover systems and data.  Axcient protects your network from site wide disasters allowing you to recover your data in minutes and not days.  Axcient is an overall solution providing disaster recovery from file to folder, with instant recovery capabilities on-site or in the cloud – of an individual server, or even your entire server infrastructure.  With Axcient, Total Networx provides you with peace of mind knowing your data and systems are always protected and recoverable. 

Why use managed disaster recovery?

Our DRWorx™ DRaaS platform provides the complete retrieval of all data, even if your hardware is damaged beyond repair. Because our system monitors, verifies, and re-verifies all back-ups, we can get you up and running again in minutes or hours – not days or weeks.

What Our Clients Say

We take pride in serving our customers with the best IT experience.

Total Networx is a lifesaver.  We thought we had lost over 10 years of HR data when a user accidentally deleted our main HR folder. Not only was Total Networx able to recover the data they had it back and functional within 30 minutes of us contacting them.  We are extremely happy we utilize their DRaaS DrWorx service!

Sam P – Operations Manager – Local Manufacturing Company Minneapolis

Be Prepared with Disaster Recovery DRaaS to Mitigate IT emergencies.

A DRWorx Disaster Recovery DRaaS solution from Total Networx ensures business continuity, even when disaster strikes, limiting downtime, data loss, and even the chance of losing your business.

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