IT Assessments

A Total Networx IT Assessment will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your technology environment to use IT more effectively, efficiently, and productively.

Comprehensive IT Assessments

Your IT environment is most likely to have grown gradually. Problems can emerge over time,    including performance gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies, and unintended information silos. It might be difficult to tell what’s working and what isn’t or where to direct your IT resources.

That’s where a Total Networx IT assessment comes into play. By taking an in-depth look at your current IT environment, we can help you to determine your existing strengths and weaknesses. We will use this information to map out a technology plan to align with your unique business objectives.

Benefits of a Total Networx IT Assessment:

  • Identify your current IT capabilities and make recommendations that would benefit from development and improvement.
  • Most businesses have unknown IT risks. By identifying vulnerabilities, your company can create mitigation strategies to reduce or nullify the impact of the potential risks entirely.
  • Assist in developing and implementing a technology plan that aligns with your company’s goals and objectives.
  • Identify and recommend potential areas for cost reduction and improved operational efficiencies.

What is included in an IT Assessment?

While each assessment focuses on your company’s unique IT and business objectives, all Total Networx assessments include the following elements:

  • Our team of technical experts will provide you with insight and analysis.
  • Our project management strategy guarantees a high level of quality control during the entire assessment process.
  • Key stakeholders are involved in the process from beginning to end to provide context on company goals and objectives.
  • We create a formal action plan and roadmap to make incremental improvements to reach pre-determined goals.

Types of IT Assessments

IT Assessments help organizations like yours, no matter how large or small, better understand the current IT environment to help better align technology to key business goals and objectives.

Total Networx offers a variety of IT assessments to meet your business needs, including:

Core Hardware Assessment

We will examine your servers, switches, firewall, & power protection to verify your equipment is up to speed for optimal network performance and to eliminate downtime.

Backup/Disaster Recovery Assessment

Total Networx will analyze your current backup to verify its integrity and redundancy. We will make recommendations so your business can recover quickly in the event of hardware failure.

Endpoint Assessment

We will evaluate all your endpoints (PCs, laptops, servers) and make recommendations for an effective replacement plan.

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