PC, Laptop & Software Procurement

From the latest PC to Microsoft Licensing, Total Networx is here to help you procure, implement, configure, and support any PC, Laptop, Device or Licensing need.

Comprehensive IT Procurement

At Total Networx, we provide a single source for all your PC, device, and software procurement needs so you can focus on your business. We eliminate the need for our clients attempting to find the correct solutions by themselves. 

In many cases they are unsure on which products to order. As your trusted advisor we will save you time and money by sourcing the solution front to back.

We help procure items such as:

  • Lenovo PCs
  • HP PCs
  • HP Laptops
  • Lenovo Laptops
  • Computer Upgrades (RAM, HDD, etc)
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Windows Software
  • Office 365
  • Backup Software
  • Cloud Software/Services

Save Time & Invest Well in Your Technology.

Investing in new hardware or software is a major financial decision. You need to be sure the technology you’re investing in fits your needs and won’t break your budget. It’s also why you need a reputable technology partner that understands the hardware and software procurement alternatives available to you.

How IT Procurement Helps Your Business

Total Networx offers PC, Laptop, Licensing, and software procurement to help you save time and money when you’re investing in technology. We simplify your life by doing the research to find the best possible solution for you and then help with every step of implementation. You don’t have to be an IT expert because our team is full of them. They can guide you through any technology product or service from start to finish, including set up and support.

PC, Laptop & Licensing Support

By using Total Networx for all of your hardware and software procurement, you’ll benefit from:

Our Expertise: We keep up with the newest technologies, getting complete sales and support training on a regular basis. We research new goods and services so we can match the very best solutions to your unique business requirements. Our extensive network of resources means you will get the best solution for you, not just what we want to sell you.

Our Knowledge: When you’re considering updating your technology, it doesn’t make sense to just go with the newest hardware and software. You need to know that what you’re buying will fit your needs. Total Networx is committed to helping you meet your business goals by implementing technology solutions that work for you.

Do you have PCs, Laptops, or Licensing approaching expiration, End-of-Life, Warranty Expiration, or an end of OEM Support?

Total Networx will assist you in maximizing the useful service life of your hardware, licensing, and software. We’ll schedule and budget for replacement matched to your business requirements – putting you in control.

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