DrWorx – Managed Disaster Recovery

Know DrWorx – No Pain
No DrWorx – Know Pain

If your company isn’t backing up its critical data, stop reading and start firing people immediately. We don’t normally advocate cruelty, but in that case staffers are asleep at the wheel.

Disaster recovery is such an industry standard that odds are your business does have a backup and recovery plan. But is it the right plan? Too many “solutions” focus on backup and not enough on back up and running. Backing up data doesn’t do any good if you can’t get it back quickly and effectively.  DrWorx combines the right technologies with the right expertise to ensure that data disasters are temporary setbacks instead of permanent failures.  Because we place just as much emphasis on pre-determining how to recover from a disaster, we minimize the time it takes your organization to recover.  With DrWorx, you have our guarantee that we will have your business back up and running, with all of your data. Faster.

  • Managed: Budget-friendly and effortless peace of mind
  • On-site backup AND off-site replication: Multiple copies of data ensures complete recovery
  • Virtual friendly: Complete recovery in the time it takes to boot a server
  • Individual file restore: Painless recovery of accidentally deleted or corrupted files
  • Disk-based: Faster and more reliable than tapes
  • Encrypted at all times: Prevents bad guys from stealing your data
  • Scalable: Ensures you don’t overspend today for your needs of tomorrow

Your company is already spending good money on disaster recovery, Total Networx can help you maximize the power of those dollars with our industry-leading disaster recovery solution.

DrWorx is powered by IBM Servers and Storage.


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