Financial Institutions

Bank Tested – Association Approved


Total Networx understands the unique technology and regulatory requirements of financial institutions. Specializing where others dabble, our experience spans over 25 years with over 30 banks.

Our expertise in delivering compliant solutions is demonstrated by partnerships with banking associations throughout the Midwest, which recommend a specific product/service of Total Networx. In fact, in our home state of Minnesota, we are the ONLY IT firm who has secured partnerships with both banking associations. These alliances were not easy to come by. Our endorsed products and services underwent stringent due diligence which confirmed our expertise, capabilities and trustworthiness.

We love small banks! We have experience assisting single-branch community banks with less than $20mm in assets.

And bigger ones too…. We also support financial institutions with over a billion in assets.

How can Total Networx help your bank?

  • GLBA compliance
  • FDIC/OCC/FFIEC examination preparation
  • Network Architecture, Maintenance and Security
  • Help desk and support
  • Virtualization
  • Hardware and Software Procurement
  • Online Banking Security

Not sold yet?! We have a folder full of references from banks just like yours. Contact Us Today to Learn More!