With financial institutions loosing over $400 million in 2011 alone, electronic wire fraud and corporate account takeover hold the #1 spot on the FDIC top fraud threats list. The issue is not going away, losses are expected to grow 94% in the United States by 2016.

Courts, regulators and legislators will hold your bank responsible for these losses, even when it is proven that the breach occurred at the customer’s site. This can result in your institution covering losses which are regularly over $100,000.

To perpetrate fraud, cybercriminals are infecting the networks and computer of your commercial accounts with financial malware specifically designed to steal online banking credentials and hijack online banking sessions. Your accounts are unequipped to protect themselves from financial malware like Zeus, SpyEye and Gozi. These threats are outpacing traditional security protocols and anti-virus software is losing the battle. A recent study performed by Cyveillance, showed that the leading anti-virus solutions failed to detect almost half of the tested malware.

Approaches using tokens, digital fingerprints, certificates and behavior analytics all fail to deal with the real issue; your accounts are using computers which cannot be proven to be 100% virus free. Because those solutions don’t address malware, they are easily circumvented by cybercriminals.

To help banks protect themselves and their customers, Total Networx has released eBankSafe, a revolutionary product line which encases your accounts in ironclad protections. This solution offers the best protection because it immobilizes and defeats these attacks by stopping them before they start. It is tailored to meet the needs of your bank and independently verified to thwart even the most malicious financial malware.

The eBankSafe product line includes:

  • Secure Computing Environment
  • Security Threat Alerts
  • Educational mailers
  • Deployment and Usage Reports for FFIEC exams

Because of security concerns, we do not make the full product flyer publically available. If you would like to learn more about how eBankSafe can protect your customers, please contact Ryan Elmer or (952) 451-5081.

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